About Us

Education Around Us (EAU) brings a new, creative approach to Australian home education. Our initiative supports existing home educators or parents considering home education, but who aren’t yet feeling confident or skilled enough to go it alone. We provide information, resources, support networks and connections through workshops where everyone can grow and thrive.

We offer choice for families and support for children with a diverse range of educational needs, including dyslexic learners. We embrace disenchanted families and children disengaged from the current system of schooling. Many who feel that their social, emotional, cultural or health needs are not being adequately addressed in the current data-driven system.

A range of support workshops are available, drawing upon skills and interests to enhance learning enjoyably, providing opportunities for enriching activities that stimulate conversation whilst building an atmosphere of trust and respect.

We value the richness of our Indigenous culture and the spirit and soul of the land that speaks from all around us. We integrate local Indigenous knowledge across all areas of learning.

As part of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development ) 2015 series on Educational Research and Innovation, the OECD released the report, ‘Schooling Redesigned: Towards Innovative Learning Systems’. It stresses the importance of the global need for our youth to become “versatilists”. It reiterates the need for the creation of  new innovative learning environments (ILE’s), and how education must be learning-driven.

Education Around Us meets the OECD call for ‘culture change, clarifying focus, capacity creation, collaboration, communication and change agents’.  Change requires new approaches from which broader transformation can springboard. EAU, together with committed community, can fulfil these requirements.

Our innovative approach and flexible form caters for diverse learners and community needs, having an important role and impact as an independent ILE by filling an existing and growing gap in the current education network. By unifying learners with community, it builds strength, healing and harmony for all.