Our Educators

Our trained and registered educators:

  • Bring a holistic approach to learning where the integration of subjects allows for flow of learning, maximising the interest of the learner across all subjects.
  • Foster connection to and love of nature through activities related to natural rhythms such as seasonal changes, which the learners experience the environment around them.
  • Integrate local Indigenous knowledge of the land into all areas of learning.
  • Regularly monitor and assess children’s literacy and numeracy development in relation to government requirements.
  • Develop ‘thinking, feeling and willing’ using the Waldorf approach and understanding to develop clarity of thought, warmth of heart and the will to do one’s best in the world.
  • Coordinate individual learning plans in collaboration with parents and carers, which take into account other learning which takes place outside of EAU sessions, ensuring balance.
  • Use the Orton-Gillingham multisensory approach in regular teaching practice, meeting the particular needs of students with dyslexia. Extra learning support can also be sought through accredited tutors.