What We Do

We support families as they connect with each other, engage their children in learning and build a sense of connection and place within an enriching and nurturing grassroots network.

By re-engaging children in learning, we help build a sense of belonging and place, all within a nurturing, grassroots network. We help collaborate within their own local EAU learning community. We create a safe, nurturing and respectful environment where people are able to share their different skills and perspectives and learn from one another.

We achieve this by providing the building blocks for community through our workshops and educational resources. The resources form part of the educational program, and include stories, songs and activities throughout the year. Our trained educators help parents and carers tailor learning activities to the specific needs of their child.

Our workshops empower parents and carers to draw upon their skills and interests, so that they can share their passion and expertise with other families in their community. Parents and carers are an integral part of the success of Education Around Us. They take an active role in designing and teaching activities, while working in collaboration with our educators and community members. We offer guidelines for how this works in our introductory workshops.

We also run workshops for personal development, parenting, child development, and artful ways to build positive, healthy relationships in family and community culture. They provide opportunities for enriching activities that stimulate conversation whilst building an atmosphere of trust and respect. See our Workshops page for more details.