Our Activities

Our focus on natured-based activities and the individual interests of your child helps to develop character, ethics, resilience and interpersonal skills. These are developed through all areas of learning within the sciences, arts, humanities and community.

Our activities offer inspiring and enriching opportunities arising organically from Nature and her seasons, to build healthy, happy relationships, enabling us to better understand ourselves, others and the earth in meeting the challenges of this 21st century.

We offer the following sessional activities:

  • Gardening and growing food with an emphasis on biodynamics and permaculture
  • Nature play, playgroup (and, in the future, kinder)
  • Morning circle, singing and movement
  • Art and craft using natural materials such as clay, beeswax and watercolour
  • Form drawing activities
  • Literacy and numeracy activities with support and advocacy for learners
  • Daily storytelling
  • Cooking
  • Drama
  • Celebrations of the seasons and cultural festivals (these develop creativity, imagination and social vibrancy)

We also offer workshops to help parents and carers learn how to share their skills in their own area of interest.