Growing Happy, Healthy, Creative Families & Community

Our holistic and interactive approach offers new opportunities to explore, grow and reflect.

Our workshops offer parents, carers and educators the opportunity:

    • To explore and gain a better understanding of Self, which in turn helps you understand, guide and nurture your children (or those in you care) in a loving way so that they may take their place in an ever-changing world with confidence, resilience, empathy and care.
    • To enrich your home life and establish a family culture, the results of which are happy families with strong, connected and creative children.

Our initial introductory workshops for parents and educators will be followed up with ongoing sessional workshops over six months.

Introductory Workshop:

Firstly we will explore more about Self, and in turn gain insight into understanding our children and the many ways we influence their growth. Topics to be covered include:

      • An holistic view to education and life.
      • Core values. What do I stand for in my relationships and world?
      • Developing a sense of belonging.
      • Mindfulness. Honouring self, honouring the planet. Bringing nature into our lives.
      • The ideal adult for tomorrow’s world.
      • The purpose of a parent.
      • Understanding children’s needs. The four temperaments.
      • Fear, trauma, overstimulation and their impact on young lives.
      • Communication (Non-Violent Communication). Listening to ourselves and our children.
      • Establishing balance and the importance of rhythm and nutrition.
      • Relaxation and enjoyable pursuits. Religious and spiritual.
      • Contribution and service.

Workshop 2: Enriching home and family life. Crafting family culture.

      • Family as first community. Slow parenting. Co-parenting. Family mission statement. Family rules. Building a sense of family and belonging.
      • Role modelling and imitation.
      • Health and Wellbeing. Modern research into benefits of outdoors and play. Connection to nature. Cooking and gardening.
      • Food and meals. Diet and nutrition.
      • Working with rhythm. Daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally.
      • Managing the home.
      • Aesthetics. Spaces to suit individual and family needs. Natural fibres and products. Colours, sounds, smells and tactile awareness.
      • Blending family.
      • Screens and technology.
      • Artistic expression in crafting.
      • Celebrating the seasons and nature. Building like-minded community.
      • Social activities. Family time. Mealtimes. Birthdays. Friends and extended family. Cultural celebrations.

Foundation workshops for educators:

These will be offered in 2018. Please contact us for further information.